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Here are graphics of the Flowshark options bars.

 Sample of side option bar.

Below are some more of FlowShark's features: 

  • Magnets
  • Market Depth
  • Unfinished Auctions
  • High Values Auctions


“Magnets” refers to price rungs in the ladder where the number of bid/ask contracts are the same, or nearly so.  These are areas of indecision that may be revisited within the bar or in subsequent bars; hence the term “Magnet.” Magnets Extend draws a line to the right of the bar (across subsequent bars) until the price has been breached. 

Market Depth

This images shows how FlowShark configures the Marked Depth histogram on the right side of the chart.  

Unfinished Auctions

 “Unfinished Auctions” are price rungs at the top of the bar where the number of contracts offered for sale (Left column; ask) did not reach zero, or price rungs at the bottom of the bar where the number of contracts offered to buy (Right column; bid) did not reach zero. 

*You will note that for the vast majority of bars these values do reach zero, but for those that do not, there is a possibility that price will return to this level to complete the auction.

High Values Actions

High Values Actions (or HVAs) are actions that bring high values to traders.  

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