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The FlowShark Advantage

Why FlowShark Eats the Competition

FlowShark's Market Depth gives you a tremendous advantage over rational Market Depth indicators.  No need to waste precious time doing your own analysis or calculations to see who’ s in control of the market.

On left side of the graphic below you can see the advantage FlowShark gives you. The right traditional side leaves you guessing.


FlowShark gives you various options with bid/ask, volume only or delta only in a candlestick pattern.


FlowShark allows you flexibility to set up the variables within your charts in a way that suits your trading style. For example, where the bars are on the left, right or center.

number 3

Below is show an example of FlowShark candlestick wick options.


This option within FlowShark allows you to display your chart in size/format that is comfortable for you. With the click of a button you can zoom in or out to display the complete chart for trend analysis.

number 7

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