AB Associate Broker - Building, Business, Estate

ABAI Asosiasi Broker Asuransi Indonesia - Indonesia, Business, Insurance

ABEN Agents & Brokers Education Network - Insurance, Business, Course

ABI Accredited Business Intermediary - Broker, Business, Sale, Building

ABI Automated Broker Interface - Technology, Customs, Business

ABYA Association of Brokers, Yacht Agents - Boat, Business, Sale

ACAT Automated Customer Account Transfer - Business, Trading, Broker

ACEW Advanced Clinical Engineering Workshop - Trading, Business, Broker

ACM Advanced Currency Markets - Business, Trading, Broker

ACS Automated Commercial Systems - Customs, Business, Science

ADK AmiBroker Development Kit - Broker, Technology, Trading

AFB Arab Financial Brokers - Trading, Business, Market

AFB Association of Finance Brokers - Loan, Business, Credit

AFBD Association of Futures Brokers and Dealers - Business, Finance, Financial derivatives

AFL AmiBroker Formula Language - Trading, Business, Broker

AFXC Australian Foreign Exchange Committee - Trading, Business, Broker

AIBA Associazione Italiana Brokers di Assicurazioni - Con, Business, Insurance

AIBB Australian Institute of Business Brokers - Australia, Business, Sale

AII Automated Invoice Interface - Customs, Business, Broker

AMBA Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association - Credit, Business, Canada

AMF l'Autorité des marchés financiers - Broker, Business, Trading

AMP Accredited Mortgage Professional - Credit, Business, Canada

AMS Advanced Message Security - Sphere, Technology, Client

ANIB Al Nabooda Insurance Brokers - Dubai, Business, Car

ANS Abel Noser Solutions - Trading, Business, Broker

ANZIIF Australian-New Zealand Institute of - Broker, Business, Australia

AP Associated Person - Business, Finance, Financial derivatives

APMAA Association of Professional Merger & - Business, Broker, Organizations, Brokerage

AQG Algebraic Quantum Gravity - Trading, Science, Broker

AREBB Association of Real Estate Broker of Belize - Belize, Business, Building

ARIF Association Romande des Intermediares Financiers - Broker, Business, Trading

ASB Air Sea Broker - Kaiser, Business, Company

ASBA Association of Ship Brokers and Agents - Business, Shipping, Company

ASHE American Society for Health care Engineering - Trading, Business, Broker

ASIC Australia Securities and Investments Commission - Trading, Business, Australia

ATP Automated Trading Platform - Broker, Business, Strategy

ATVP Agencija za trg vrednostnih papirjev - Trading, Business, Broker, Sis

AVM Asset Valuation & Marketing - Price, Business, Broker

AWC Acceptance, Waiver and Consent- Security, Business, Financial, Broker

AYB Associated Yacht Brokers- Boat, Business, Sale

AYCA American Yacht Charter Association - Broker, Business, Yachting

BA Broker Agent - Insurance, Business, Building

BASIC Background Affiliation Status Information Center - Business, Trading, Broker

BB Bandwidth Broker - Military, Networking, Technology

BB Banners Broker - Money, Business, Ireland

BBA Bounty Brokers Association - Contract, Republic, Bounty

BBF Business Brokers of Florida - Florida, Business, Sale

BBN Business Brokers Network - Networking, Business, Sale

BBO Broker Back Office - Stock, Business, Supply

BBP Business Brokerage Press - Broker, Business, Industrial

BCC Broker Clearance Certificate - Importer, Business, Customs

BCC Business Conduct Committee - Business, Trading, Broker

BCCL Banking Control Commission of Lebanon - Lebanon, Business, Lebanese

BCD Branded Concept Development - Franchise, Technology, Broker

BCYBA British Columbia Yacht Brokers Association - Boat, Business, Military

BD Broker-Dealers - Security, Business, Financial

BDB Banc De Binary - Trading, Business, Broker, Accounting

BDS Broker Dealer Services - Service, Business, Compliance

BFC Business Finance Consultant - Loan, Business, Commercial

BFG Brooklyn Financial Group - Service, Business, Broker

BI Business Introducer - Broker, Business, Trading

BIBA British Insurance Brokers Association - Business, Service, Organizations

BIC Broker-in-Charge - Estate, Business, Building

BIIBA British Insurance and Investment Brokers - Business, Service, Organizations

BKIP Broker Known Importer Program - Customs, Business, Trading

BMDB Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad - Malaysia, Business, Trading

BMS Broker Management Systems - Software, Business, Insurance

BMU Broker Macchine Utensili - Maintenance, Business, Building

BNLAC Brokers National Life Assurance Company - Insurance, Business, Coupon

BO Binary Options - Trading, Business, Broker, Strategy

BOPS Binary Options Pro Signals - Trading, Business, Broker

BOR Broker of Record - Insurance, Business, Letter

BOWF Binary options winning formula - Trading, Business, Broker

BPO Broker's Price Opinion - Broker, Business, Building

BRBA Boat Retailers and Brokers Association - Sale, Business, Yacht

BRMA Brokers and Reinsurance Markets Association - Insurance, Business, Industrial

C.A.R. Construction All Risks - Insurance, Business, Management

CABB California Association of Business Brokers - California, Business, Sale

CABI Colorado Association of Business Intermediaries - Colorado, Broker, Business

CAIB Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker - Management, Business, Service

CAIB Canadian Accredited Insurance Brokers - Course, Business, Exam

CAMB California Association of Mortgage Brokers - Credit, Business, California

CAN Customs Assigned Number - Import, Business, Bond

CASB Cloud Access Security Broker - Service, Business, Technology

CATAIR Customs and Trade Automated Interface Requirements - Technology, Broker, Business

CB Connection Broker - Technology, Server, Telecom

CBA Commercial Brokers Association - Building, Business, Estate

CBB Certified Business Broker - Sale, Business, Selling

CBC Certified Business Counselors - Service, Business, Broker, Company

CBCP Clinical Breast Care Project - Trading, Medical, Broker

CBE Computer Brokers Exchange - Business, Server, Service

CBFANC Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association - Trading, Business, Service

CBFCA Customs Brokers And Forwarders Council Of - Freight, Australia, Business

CBI Certified Business Intermediary - Broker, Business, Sale

CBP Customs Border and Protection - Import, Business, Service

CBR Confidential Business Review - Buyer, Business, Science

CCC City Credit Capital - Trading, Business, Broker

CCI Canada Customs Invoice - Canada, Business, Service

CCIB Canadian Certified Insurance Broker - Association, Business, Service

CCS Certified Customs Specialist - Broker, Business, Canada

CCV Cullum Capital Ventures - Insurance, Business, Organizations, Broker

CCZ Coastal Confluence Zone - Trading, Military, Coast

CESR Committee of the European Securities Regulators - Trading, Business, Broker

CFBTA Commodity Floor Brokers & Traders Association - Trading, Business, Product

CFD Contract For Different - Trading, Business, Market

CFSFA Cyprus Financial Services Firms Association - Trading, Business, Broker

CFT Compagnie Financiere Tradition - Broker, Business, Trading

CFTC Commodity Futures Trading Committee - Product, Business, Broker

CGAT Capital Gain Auto Trading - Broker, Business, Malaysia

CHB Certified Hotel Broker - Building, Business, Sale

CIAB Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers - Business, Insurance, Association

CIB Commercial Investment Brokers - Building, Business, Estate

CIF Cypriot Investment Firm - Trading, Business, Broker

CIFSA Cayman Islands Financial Services Association - Broker, Business, Service

CIMBL Canadian Institute of Mortgage Brokers and Lenders - Credit, Business, Canada

CIREB Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Brokers - Building, Business, Service

CKB Climate Knowledge Brokers - Group, Organizations, Manifesto

CMA Continuing Membership Application - Dealer, Business, Broker, Service

CMB Canada Mortgage Brokers - Credit, Business, Canada

CML Canadian Mortgage Lender - Credit, Business, Broker

CMP Certified Mortgage Professional - Business, Credit, Vermont

CMS Capital Markets Services - Trading, Business, Service

CNMV Comisión Nacional de Mercado de Valores - Para, Con, Broker

CORB Common Object Request Broker - Management, Technology, Architecture

CORBA Common Object Requesting Broker Architecture - Java, Technology, Service

CPAC Central Pharmaceutical Affairs Council - Trading, Medical, Broker

CPIB Canadian Professional Insurance Broker - Commercial, Business, Management

CPYB Certified Professional Yacht Brokers - Sale, Business, Boat

CREI Certified Real Estate Instructor - Building, Business, Texas

CRESAR Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar and Review - Building, Business, Broker

CRMS Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist - Business, Credit, Loan

CSB Cloud Service Brokers - Brokerage, Technology, Business

CSCB Canadian Society of Customs Brokers - Business, Canada, Service

CSIB Capital Shield Insurance Broker - Mobility, Business, Android

CTB Certified Transportation Broker - Logistics, Business, Service

CTCI Computer-to-computer interface - Trading, Business, Market

CVH Chinese Visible Human - Trading, Business, Medical

CYBA California Yacht Brokers Association - Boat, Business, Military

DAP Direct Access Partners - Broker, Business, Service

DARTs Daily Average Revenue Trades - Trading, Business, Broker

DCM Direct Currency Markets - Trading, Business, Broker, Trader

DD Dealing Desk - Trading, Business, Broker

DDE Dealing Desk Execution - Trading, Business, Broker, Accounting

DEA Designated Examining Authority - Broker, Business, Dealer

DG Data Guard - Database, Technology, Broker

DGB Data Guard Broker - Database, Technology, Standby

DM Denotational Mathematics - Trading, Technology, Broker

DM Dom Maklerski - Banking, Business, Broker, Coding

DMA Direct Market Access - Business, Trading, Finance

DMCAR Denver Metro Commercial Association of Realtors - Building, Business, Estate

DOM Depth of the Market - Trading, Business, Broker

DS Dinar Securities - Indonesia, Business, Security, Broker

EBA Exclusive Buyer Agent - Building, Business, Estate

EBS Electronic Blue Sheets - Trading, Business, Broker

EBS Electronic Brokerage Service - Trading, Business, Market

EBU Equipment Brokers Unlimited - Copier, Technology, Office

EC Epistemology and Cognition - Broker, Education, Engineering

ECN Electronic Clearing Network - Trading, Business, Broker

ECN Electronic Currency Network - Trading, Business, Broker

ECSB Enterprise Cloud Service Broker - Technology, Security, Business

EFSA Estonian Financial Supervision Authority - Market, Business, Admiral

EFX England Foreign Exchange - Broker, Business, Trading, Trader

EIB Evolution Insurance Brokers - Service, Business, Water

EIP Electronic Invoice Program - Customs, Business, Locations

EISF Elastic Incoherent Structure Factor - Trading, Business, Medical

EMCI European Maritime Certification Institute - Yacht, Business, Broker, Boat

EOB Enterprise Object Broker - Java, Technology, Server

ESCA Emirates Securities & Commodities Authority - Dubai, Business, Law

ESP Executable Streaming Prices - Trading, Business, Broker

ESQL Extended Structured Query Language - Message, Technology, Broker

EVP Embedded Vector Processor - Semiconductor, Technology, Broker

EXN Electronic Xrossing Network - Trading, Business, Broker

F.I.A. Full interest admitted - Insurance, Business, Freight

FAMB Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers - Credit, Business, Florida

FB Floor Broker - Trading, Business, Market

FBA Franchise Brokers Association - Consultation, Business, Franchise

FBBA Florida Business Brokers Association - Florida, Business, Sale

FBS Financial Brokerage Services - Trading, Business, Service

FC Financial Commission - Trading, Business, Broker

FCA Fasa Centra Artajaya - Payment, Business, Trading, Broker

FCBF Florida Customs Brokers & Forwarders - Miami, Business, Trading

FCMs Futures Clearing Merchants - Business, Trading, Broker, Dealer

FDM Forex Dealer Member - Business, Trading, Finance

FFAJ Financial Futures Association of Japan - Trading, Business, Japan, Broker

FFM Federally-Facilitated Marketplace - Health, Business, Insurance

FIA Financial Intermediaries Association - Insurance, Business, Broker

FIA Forest Investment Associates - Trading, Business, Broker

FICC Fixed Income Clearing Corp - Broker, Business, Market, Trading

FIFO Firs In First Out - Accounting, Technology, Canada

FIMBRA Financial Intermediaries, Managers and - Business, Finance, Management

FMRRC Financial Market Relations Regulation Center - Trading, Business, Broker

FNIB First National Innovation Brokers - Trading, Business, Bitcoin

FONASBA Federation of National Associations of - Business, Shipping, Organizations

FPE Formación Profesional Específica - Con, Para, Broker

FRE Fiducial Registration Error - Trading, Medical, Transformation

FS Fast Start - Database, Technology, Standby

FSC Financial Service Corporation - Broker, Business, City•

FSI Forex Signs, Inc - Trading, Business, Sign

FSPR Financial Services Providers Register - Service, Business, Trading

FTI Franchise Training Institute - Business, Broker, Franchise

FTT Fair Trading Technology - Broker, Business, Trader

FXCH Foreign Exchange Clearing House - Trading, Business, Broker, Accounting

FYBA Florida Yacht Brokers Association – Florida, Business, Boat

GDC Gross Dealer Concessions - Financial, Business, Advisor

GFA Global Forex Awards - Trading, Business, Broker

GFM Global Financial Markets - Trading, Business, Banking

GFT Global Forex Trading - Broker, Business, Trader

GIB Guaranteed Introducing Broker - Trading, Business, Product

GLB Global Location Broker - Technology, Server, Command

GMA General Mortgage Associate - Credit, Business, Broker

GMI Global Market Index - Trading, Business, Marketing

GPA Gibraltar Police Authority - Trading, Government, Broker

GPP Global Prime Partners - Brokerage, Business, Service

GRB Grid Resource Broker - Computing, Technology, Economics

GRIP Global Risk Insight Platform – Insurance, Business, Management

GSEC Goldman Sachs Execution and Clearing - Trading, Business, Broker

GTB Global Telecom Brokers - Technology, Service, Networking

HAMB Hawaii Association of Mortgage Brokers - Credit, Business, Hawaii

HBI Hotel Brokers International - Sale, Business, Building

HCMC Hellenic Capital Markets Commission - Trading, Business, Financial

HDL Health and Daily Living - Treatment, Medical, Trading

HMAA Hotel Motel & Accommodation Association - Australia, Business, Award

IA&B Insurance Agents & Brokers - Agency, Business, Pennsylvania

IAFT International Association of Forex Traders - Trading, Business, Broker

IAPD Investment Adviser Public Disclosure - Financial, Business, Broker

IB Independent Broker - Trading, Business, Service

IB Indonesia Belajar - Indonesia, Business, Trading, Broker

IB Information Broker - Technology, Airport, Business

IB Interactive Brokers - Trading, Business, Supply

IB Interactive Broker - Trading, Business, Supply

IB Introducer Broker - Trading, Business, Deposit

IBA Insurance Brokers Association - Service, Business, Ireland

IBAA Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta - Canada, Business, Professional

IBABC Insurance Brokers Association of British Columbia - Canada, Business, Organizations

IBAC Insurance Brokers Association of Canada - Canada, Business, Technology

IBAM Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba - Business, Winnipeg, Organizations

IBAN Insurance Brokers Association of Newfoundland - Business, Canada, Organizations

IBANB Insurance Brokers Association of New Brunswick - Canada, Business, Brunswick

IBANS Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia - Business, Canada, Organizations

IBAS Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan - Canada, Business, Car

IBBA International Business Brokers Association - Organizations, Sale, Business

IBBA International Business Broker Association - Sale, Business, Merger

IBES Institutional Brokers Estimate System - Earning, Business, Financial

IBIS Interactive Brokers Information System - Trading, Business, Supply

IBM Integration Bus message - Organisations, Technology, Broker

IBN Independent Brokers Network - Networking, Business, Insurance

IBNA Insurance Brokers Network of Australia - Australia, Business, Professional

IBRC Insurance Brokers Registration Council - Business, Financial, Policyholder

IBs Introducing Brokers - Trading, Business, Program

IBTR Insurance Brokers of Toronto Region - Toronto, Organizations, Canada

IC Investment Commission - Market, Business, Trading

ICC Investors Capital Corporation - Android, Business, Holdings

ICF Investment Compensation Fund - Broker, Business, Trading, Market

ICM International Capital Markets - Broker, Business, Trading

ICM International Confederation Midwives - Model, Business, Broker

IDB Inter-Dealer Broker – Market, Business, Trading

IFB Independent Financial Brokers - Canada, Business, Insurance

IFBC Independent Financial Brokers of Canada - Business, Canada, Insurance

IFCBA International Federation of Customs - Trading, Business, Organizations

IHI Investment House International - Broker, Business, Trading

IIABA Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers - America, Business, Agency

IIABNY Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers - Service, Business, Organizations

IIB Independent Introducing Broker - Trading, Business, Product

IIB Institute of Insurance Brokers - Business, Service, Organizations

ILD Internet Listing Display - Building, Technology, Estate

IMA Institutul de Management in Asigurari - Broker, Business, Care

IMB International Marriage Broker - Bride, Order, Marriage

IMBA Independent Mortgage Brokers Association - Credit, Business, Canada

IMBRA International Marriage Broker Regulation Act - Law, Dating, Marriage

IMS Innovative Mortgage Solutions - Credit, Business, Broker

IMS Insurance Marketing Services - Service, Business, Company

ISB International Space Brokers - Company, Technology, Industrial

ISF Importer Security Filing - Business, Customs, Import

ISF Information Systems of Florida - Florida, Technology, Business

ISR International Special Risks - Insurance, Business, Risk, Broker

It Information Table - Network, Technology, Networking

ITI Instructor Training Institute - Education, Estate, Business

JB Job Behavior - Trading, Business, Broker

JIPF Japan Investor Protection Fund - Trading, Business, Broker

JKSB John Keells Stock Brokers - Supply, Business, Colombo

JMMB Jamaica Money Market Brokers - Jamaica, Business, Company

LAC Linear Attenuation Coefficient - Trading, Technology, Medical

LACBFFA Los Angeles Customs Brokers & Freight - Business, Trading, Organizations

LCB Licensed Customs Brokers - Import, Business, Trading

LCB Licensed Customs Broker - Import, Business, Trading

LCB London Commodity Brokers - London, Business, Product

LEBA London Energy Brokers Association - Market, Business, Gas

LIIBA London & International Insurance - London, Business, Market

LLB Local Listing Broker - Management, Business, Buyer

LPs Liquidity Providers - Trading, Business, Broker

LTRBA Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers Association - Sale, Business, Rental

M&AMI Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary - Business, Broker, Organizations

Mac Mortgage Approval Corp - Credit, Business, Canada

MAM Multi Account Management - Trading, Business, Broker

MAT Multi Account Trader - Trading, Business, Broker

MB Media Brokers - Vending, Technology, Machine

MB Member Broker - Indonesia, Business, Property

MB Mortgage Broker - Credit, Business, Loan

MBABC Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia - Credit, Business, Loan

MBARL Mortgage Broker Association for - Credit, Business, Building

MBBA Michigan Business Brokers Association - Michigan, Business, Sale

MBBI Midwest Business Brokers & Intermediaries - Intermediary, Business, Association

MBI Media Brokers International - Advertising, Business, Buying

MCD Mortgage Credit Directive - Financial, Business, Market

MDP Million Dollar Pips - Trading, Business, Robot

MEAC Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications - Estonia, Business, Broker

MFAA Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia - Credit, Business, Loan

MFID Markets in Financial Instruments Directive - Service, Business, Firm

MFSA Maltese Financial Services Authority - Trading, Business, Malta

MIB Mediterranean Insurance Brokers - Malta, Business, Banking

MIBL Mahindra Insurance Brokers Limited - Service, Business, Financial

MIIAB Minnesota Independent Insurance Agents - Minnesota, Business, Service

MIR Mitra, Iswara & Rorimpandey - Indonesia, Technology, Insurance

MIR Mitra Iswara Rorimpandey - Insurance, Business, Broker, Indonesia

MITBA Malaysian Insurance and Takaful Brokers - Malaysia, Business, Asia

MLDS Mortgage Loan Disclosure Statement - Credit, Business, Broker

MLG Mortgage Leads Guide - Credit, Business, Insurance

MM Money Manager - Management, Business, Trading

MPSP Most Probable Selling Price - Business, Broker, Service

MRA Member Responsibility Action - Trading, Business, Broker

MRC Market Reform Contract - Insurance, Business, Broker

MRM Message Repository Manager - Broker, Technology, Sphere

MYBA Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association - Charter, Business, Luxury

NABPOP National Association of Broker Price - Building, Business, Estate

NACFB National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers - Business, Credit, Finance

NAGAB National Association of Green Agents and Brokers - Building, Business, Estate

NAIB National Association of Insurance Brokers - Business, Management, Risk

NAIREB National Association of Independent Real - Building, Business, Agent

NAREP National Association of Real Estate Professionals - Building, Business, Caballero

NBB National Business Brokers - Sale, Business, Brokerage

NCBFAA National Customs Brokers and Forwarders - Freight, Business, Trading

NCRIB Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers - Nigeria, Business, Government

NCS National Compliance Services - Service, Business, Investment

NDB National Discount Brokers - Supply, Business, Group

NDD No Dealing Desk - Trading, Business, Broker

NDD Non-Dealing Desk - Trading, Business, Broker

NEBBA New England Business Brokers Association - England, Business, Sale

NFA National Futures Association - Business, Finance, Financial derivatives

NFC National Finance Corporation - Credit, Business, Mortgage

NFS National Financial Services - Service, Business, Investment

NGSI Next Generation Service Interfaces - Broker, Technology, Context

NIBA National Insurance Brokers Association - Australia, Business, Professional

NPB Network Packet Broker - Business, Technology, Networking

NRI Non-Resident Importer - Canada, Business, Customs

NTBA National Transportation Brokers Association - Canada, Business, Freight

NTCBFFA North Texas Customs Broker & Freight - Trading, Business, Texas

NTREIS North Texas Real Estate Information Systems - Building, Technology, Estate

NYAMB New York Association of Mortgage Brokers - Credit, Business, Loan

NYB Network Yacht Brokers - Boat, Business, Sale

NYBA Northwest Yacht Brokers Association - Boat, Business, Military

NZI New Zealand Insurance - Business, Company, Organizations

NZMBA New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association - Business, Company, Organizations

O.C.M. Online Capital Markets - Trading, Business, Broker

OAD Object Activation Daemon - Technology, Server, Broker

OAR Object-Attribute-Relation - Trading, Technology, Training

OBV Object by Value ­ - Technology, Server, Java

OJBC Open Justice Broker Consortium - Agency, Technology, Service

OMA Object Management Architecture - Technology, Architecture, Management

OMB Oracle Message Broker - Queue, Technology, Connection

OPF Oriental Pacific Futures - Trading, Business, Malaysia

ORB Object Request Broker - Technology, Architecture, Architectural

OSJ Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction - Business, Finance, Financial

PAMM Percentage Allocation Money Management - Trading, Business, Accounting, Broker

PAREB Philippine Association of Real Estate Brokers - Building, Business, Philippine

PB Prime Broker - Trading, Business, Brokerage

PBBA Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association - Pennsylvania, Business, Sale

PCC Pacific Coast Council - Customs, Technology, Broker

PEA Post-Entry Amendment - Customs, Business, Trading, Broker

PFD Pacific Financial Derivatives - Trading, Business, Broker

PFG Peregrine Financial Group - Trading, Business, Broker

PFG Pro Finance Group - Trading, Business, Trader

PFSA Polish Financial Supervision Authority - Trading, Business, Banking

PIBA Professional Insurance Brokers Association - Service, Business, Financial

PII Professional Indemnity Insurance - Business, Architectural, Architecture

PMRB Pasay Makati Realty Board - Broker, Business, Building

PPIB Professional Practice Insurance Brokers - Risk, Business, Brokerage

PRBRES Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service - Building, Business, Philippine

PSS Private Scandinavian Sparkasse - Trading, Business, Broker

PTL Pension Trustee Liability - Insurance, Business, Broker

QB Quantitative Brokers - Trading, Business, Market

QPIB Qualified Practising Insurance Broker - Industrial, Business, Organizations

RAFMM Russian Association of Financial Markets Members - Trading, Business, Broker

RBN Retail Brokers Network - Building, Business, Estate

RCF Rex Capital Futures - Trading, Business, Broker

RCG Rosenthal Collins Group - Trading, Business, Broker

RDBA Registered Deposit Brokers Association - Canada, Business, Rate

RDC Russian Dealing Center - Russia, Business, Broker

Rea Real Estate Agent - Building, Business, Property

REBAP Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines - Building, Business, Philippine

REBBA Real Estate and Business Brokers Act - Building, Business, Agreement

REC Real Estate Commission - Business, Home loan, Mortgage

REMIC Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada - Credit, Business, Agent

RFED Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer - Trading, Business, Broker

RIBO Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario - Canada, Business, Service

RL Regan-Lowe - Trading, Medical, Broker

RLF Remote Location Filer - Customs, Business, Broker, Service

RMA Real Mortgage Associates - Credit, Business, Broker

RSMB Really Small Message Broker - Server, Technology, Client

SCBBN Southern California Business Broker Network - Networking, Business, California

SEIB South Essex Insurance Brokers - Horse, Business, Riding

SFB Sterling Financial Brokers - Dubai, Business, Trading

SFR Sales and Forclosure Resource - Building, Business, Estate

SGT Sterling Gent Trading - Broker, Business, Market

SIBA Swiss Insurance Brokers Association - Partner, Business, Sweden

SNA Sindacato Nazionale Agenti - Con, Broker, Dal

SODA Service-Oriented Database Architecture - Server, Technology, Broker

SPC Statistical Process Capability - Trading, Business, Control

SRB Storage Resource Broker - Science, Grid, Technology

SRL Ship Repairers Liability - Insurance, Business, Risk

SRS Satellite Receiving Station - Research, Technology, Science

SSB Server Service Broker - Database, Technology, Message

St System Trade - Trading, Business, Company

STB Single Transaction Bond - Customs, Business, Broker

STP Specialist Training Programme - Broker, Medical, Ireland

STP Straight-Through-Processing - Trading, Business, Broker

STP Straight-Trough-Processing - Trading, Business, Broker

TABB Texas Association of Business Brokers - Texas, Business, Sale

TAG Transaction Auditing Group - Trading, Business, Execution

TB Tunnel Broker - Networking, Technology, Routing

TIA Transportation Intermediary Association - Broker, Business, Freight

TIB Transportation Insurance Brokers - Company, Business, Service

TIC Toronto Insurance Conference - Broker, Organizations, Toronto

TMG The Mortgage Group - Credit, Business, Canada

TMIB Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers - California, Business, Auto

TOBA Terms of Business Agreement - Insurance, Business, Broker

TOPAS Thrombolysis or Peripheral Arterial Surgery - Medical, Trading, Study

TP Trade Points - Trading, Business, Trader

TRELA Texas Real Estate License ActV Building, Education, Texas

TSN Trade Support Network - Customs, Business, Networking

TSP Tunnel Setup Protocol - Networking, Technology, Broker

TST Turbo Service & Trading - Turbine, Business, Company

TTCM Traders-Trust Capital Market - Trading, Business, Broker

TW Trade Win - Trading, Business, Broker

TWS Trader Work Station - Trading, Business, Broker

UCB Universal Content Broker - Office, Technology, Provider

UIA Utilities Intermediaries Association - Energy, Business, Broker

UIB United Insurance Brokers - Company, Business, Dubai

UMB Upfront Mortgage Broker - Credit, Business, Rate

UWC United World Capital - Broker, Business, Trading

VB Virtual Brokers - Trading, Business, Stock

VIF Victory International Futures - Trading, Business, Indonesia

WBN Worldwide Broker Network - Networking, Business, Insurance

WFB Wholesale Furniture Brokers - Coupon, Business, Coding

WGM Win Global Markets - Trading, Business, Trader

WHIM Weighted Holistic Invariant Molecular - Trading, Business, Medical

WL White Label - Trading, Business, Broker

WMB WebSphere Message Broker - Sphere, Technology, Development

WMBA Wholesale Markets Brokers Association - Trading, Business, Derivative

WPPE Wakil Perantara Pedagang Efek - Modal, Business, Indonesia, Broker

WRB Web Request Broker - Technology, Computer software, Computing

WSP Written Supervisory Procedures - Compliance, Business, Broker, Dealer

YBAA Yacht Broker Association of America - Boat, Business, Military

YBDSA Yacht Brokers, Designers and Surveyors Association - Boat, Business, Broker

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