Order Flow Analysis is a powerful tool that should be in every trader’s arsenal whether you’re a professional trader, new to trading or just looking to start a new career.

FlowShark Market Order Flow Software delivers valuable market activity data that is not available on any other type of chart. FlowShark order flow software is a powerful program that works within the Ninjatrader 8 platform; it enables users to interpret order flow data in a timely manner. FlowShark helps traders find the best low risk high probability trades.

More and more traders are recognizing the advantages that Order flow offers.

  • See who is controlling the market – buyers or sellers

  • Determine when prices are accepted or rejected

  • Identify areas so you can make more winning trades

  • Spot market direction and identify trends

  • Determine what is going on in the market

FlowShark Market Order Flow Software is essential to finding high probability trading opportunities. FlowShark works with Markets with Level II Volume data such as Futures and Stocks.

FlowShark software along with training will help you to become more consistent if you apply the principles and follow the rules. We recommend trading with a sim account to begin with until you have a complete understanding how market order flow can help you achieve success.

We cannot guarantee profits but what we do know is that if you apply the basic principles of order flow and take the time to practice using the FlowShark software it is possible to see your trading account grow quickly.

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