Are you looking to become a successful trader? Whatever you’re level of expertise if you haven’t seen the benefits of Order Flow Analysis please let me have a moment of your time - you’ll surely thank me.

Market Order Flow is a Powerful Analytical Indicator that Winning Traders Can’t Be Without

Market Order Flow gives insight into the markets. It shows you how many buyers and sellers are waiting to jump into the market. It lets you know the price they are willing to pay. FlowShark gives you this information in an easy to use format. When you purchase the software we will train you how to:

  • Set up your trading screens to suit your trading style

  • Find menu bars and what the options mean for you

  • Quickly identify high probability trades

  • Read Order Flow Charts and spot market direction

  • Pick the best Charts to identify trends to follow

  • Identify order imbalance and take appropriate action

  • Determine when prices are accepted or rejected

  • Understand how Market Order Flow affects your trade

  • Determine what is going on in the market

  • Identify areas so you can make more winning trades

FlowShark will make a big difference in your trading strategies. We are confident that utilizing the FlowShark software with professional training we can help you become a more successful trader.

After you have purchased your software we offer 3 months of training with live market action, or with market replay to help accelerate your learning. During each session we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We will also be recording many of the sessions to help our students learn at their leisure.

Some of the topics covered during the training period will be:

  • An Introduction to FlowShark Market Order Flow

  • How to Read the FlowShark Charts

  • Order Flow Terms and Expressions

  • Determining Who are the Buyers and Sellers

  • The Ultimate Markets to Trade Order Flow

  • What is the importance of the Histogram

  • Understanding How Magnets Affect the Market

  • What to spot an Unfinished Auction

  • How to determine Market Imbalance

  • What does the Point of Control Mean to You

  • and many more…

FlowShark Market Order Flow Indicators are the KEY

Learning how to utilize the software will not be a steep learning curve. It was designed for ease of use and we believe that we can help you so we encourage you to join us in our professional trading room. During the training period we strongly suggest that you do not use real money. Your progress will depend on your experience as well as your determination to learn and apply the information we will show you. Results vary from person to person however we find that within 3 – 6 months most traders are confident to proceed on their own.

Our professional trainers have the expertise and commitment to help make your goals to succeed a success. We know in the market you either win or lose but our goal is to put the probability of winning more trades in your reach. By controlling losses even with a lower win/loss ratio you still can come out ahead. Also the fact is market order flow helps you to evaluate key information before entering a trade and that helps to increase your probability of success.

Market order flow shows you where the large institutions are, they are the ones who are moving the price. Winning traders realize it is futile to go against them. Institutions buy and sell upon a rules based strategy, by following them there is a better likelihood for entering a low risk high reward trade. We will show you how to identify the institutions because with them we have a better probability of winning. FlowShark along with training gives you that edge.

As part of a strategy we will help you to identify key turning points and strong moves in the market before they happen. FlowShark software along with training will help you achieve a high degree of accuracy.

FlowShark simplifies the process of reading an order flow chart. It does most of the work for you. All you have to do learn how the software works and be prepared to make the trades. Some will try to fool you into thinking that it’s a huge daunting task to learn order flow but that’s simply not true when you follow one simple rule. Join us for one of our free webinar to find out the answer.

There are dozens order flow options on the market but none of them delivery results like FlowShark. We are confident you will be able to see this for yourself that is why we offer a demo of the software. There is a small set-up fee for initiating the demo. For purchasers of the software the fee will be applied to your account. FlowShark offers the complexity needed to generate profits. So before you waste another dime on the latest and greatest software give us the opportunity to show you the FlowShark advantage.

Along with the demo you are encouraged to join us in one of our training rooms. Here we will discuss the mechanics of the software along with principles, strategies and techniques you can use to help you become a more successful trader.

We also highly recommend taking the time to design a trading plan that you feel comfortable with. A trading plan is a key piece of your edge.

So please download a demo and join us today and see how you can get your JAWS on the profits.

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